Utopia 2018

Entertainment, Workshops, and Activities

The entertainment, workshops, and activities at UTOPIA will be interactive. No one has to do anything they are not completely comfortable with. One may come and enjoy the entire event as a spectator.  

Here are some of the activities planned for Utopia 2018

Moksha Magick Introduction with Richard: Moksha Magick is a form of sex magick/sacred sexuality that can be performed between a couple, intimate partners, within a sacred group, or on your own. It is conducted in an honoring and loving manor with the utmost care and concern placed on the comfort and safety of everyone involved. Moksha can be used to increase the bond between partners, create a greater connection with the Divine, explore sexuality as a sacred gift, and as a tool for magick and intention in achieving healing, prosperity, security, and other goals.

Moksha Magick Rites with Temple Community: Immediately following the intro workshop there will be an actual Moksha Magick group ritual held by members of the Temple of Divine Ecstasy. Guests may observe the ritual. Afterwards there will be a question and answer session. Anyone interested in participating in a group ritual will be able to discuss this with Temple members throughout the event.

Meet Your Chakras: An introductory and interactive class that explains the basics of the 7 Chakras along with a meditation that helps you to feel each Chakra.

Saturday night Talent Show. This is your chance to do a short scene, a sexy dance, a bawdy ballad, or some dirty limericks.

Yoni egg lecture:
I teach the healing properties of different crystals and how they can be used internally for spiritual healing.

The Intersection of Pleasure and Power.

Sex magick collective healing ritual/masturbation for creation:
with the basis of the sacral chakra being creation energy.

Introducing Sacred Sexuality to a new partner.

Sensuality meets sexuality:
Ill teach the difference between sensuality, an emotional expression and sexuality

well discuss what is consent, give examples and anecdotes. It will be an open discussion.

Hug workshop-
the feeling behind hugs

Round table discussion- what gets you turned on.

Introducing Sacred Sexuality to a new partner.

Body Painting; This is always a fun and popular experience at Utopia. Share your creative talents with others or become a living canvas. 

Firecupping: A popular hands on workshop that will be combined with hot waxing.

Chakra Balancing with Tibetan Singing Bowls with Norma. Singing bowls produce sounds to invoke a deep state of relaxation which naturally assists one in entering into meditation. The harmonic overtones produce a direct affect upon our chakras.


 The event will begin on Thursday at 3pm and run through Sunday afternoon.  

The schedule of activities is posted each day at the event.
Full event admission only. There will be no single day passes for this event. Please try to be there for the entire event.

All World Acres is located at 4715 Bruton Rd. Plant City, Florida 33565 (no drop bys). AWA is a private sanctuary and admission is only allowed during scheduled events. Do not arrive on site after 9pm.

Registration Info
Admission prices are for the full event and include all entertainment, workshops and activities for all 4 days. Camping is optional and included at no additional charge. Admission is a donation and nonrefundable.

If registered by  September 1,  the full event admission is only $50 per person.
If registered in advance after  September 1,  the full event admission is $60 per person.

Full event admission if registered at the gate is $70.00 per person. There are no day passes or any other admission options.

Help and answers to questions are always available.
Email to;
info@divineecstasy.org or call 813-748-0761.

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a festival gathering in Florida by Temple of Divine Ecstasy and Moksha Magic group focus on sex magick, sacred sexuality, Tantra, polyamory, poly lifestyles, alternative lifestyle, bdsm, bondage, hedonism, earth based Pagan and neopagan spiritualities Celtic druid native American, nudist. naturist, tantric, natural living. This retreat, event offers workshops, classes, and healing circles, open to all with eclectic honest open minded ideals. Visitors come here each year from Atlanta Georgia, Miami Florida, Orlando Central Florida, Jacksonville, Sarasota, Clearwater, St Petersburg, Lakeland, Ocala, Mobile, Alabama, Ashville North Carolina, South Carolina, Nashville Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, New York, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, and other points north south east west US. United States of America.







The Utopia gathering is a very unique festival in Central Florida, Tampa Bay area  with focus on Sacred sexuality, sex magick, adult alternative lifestyles. People are attracted from Miami, Jacksonville, Ft. Myers, Gainesville, Ocala, Tallahassee, Clearwater, Hudson, New Port Richey, Brooksville, Lakeland, Vero Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Brevard, Deland, Cocoa Beach, and many other Florida cities. Visitors also come from Georgia, Alabama, Michigan, Indiana, North and South Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky, Louisiana, Texas, and other states. Swingers, Pagans, BDSM, Nudists,  life styles of all types attend this event. There are nude and clothing optional areas on site.


The site is a sanctuary and we hope that everyone can be able to connect and feel comfortable with what ever there spiritual path or no path at all.