Utopia 2018


Below are a few of the emails we received after past festivals

The gatherings are wonderful and full of happy people and great energy.
There is discussion, and for new people, intro meetings explain the
whats/hows and etcs of the regular gatherings. Nobody is 'expected' to do
anything other than enter and leave with an open mind.

For those involved, I have found that everyone from myself with 20 years of
tantric/sex magick experience, to those who are curious as to what all of it
is about, are equally pleased with the experience.

Welcome and enjoy


We just want to thank everyone for the wonderful kindness we enjoyed at the festival.
We have always had issues with our bodies and not comfortable in nude environments. But
this event was so inclusive and the people so awesome that we completely forgot about personal
issues and were able to enjoy ourselves like never before.

Diane and Bear

The hosts were very caring and accommodating people, and they have
provided a very spiritual place for inquisitive spirits to find a
path that favors their sensual natures.. there are never
any "surprises", care is taken to prepare novices for each event and
there is no mandatory participation.. the whole experience is well
presented and well intended.. i would recommend this venue to anyone
in search of their true spiritual potential.. understanding the power
of our primal and fundamentally sexual nature is liberating and

Be well..

Thanks to all

I was a little nervous attending this event by myself so I emailed and called several times with questions. I was told that I would be comfortable and in control at all times and I would like to thank all of you for making that happen. It was an incredible experience for me and one I will never forget.


To my exquisite hosts (Richard and Mary) for this weekends events; I know no
words that would adequately express what an honor it was sharing in the sacred
space you keep - and for coordinating and motivating all of the inservices,
workshops and various activities. I made connections that I longed for, both
internally and externally, and feel part of a community of like-minded,
spiritual individuals. Thank you for Mary, for acknowledging me as an individual
with the delicious fish dinner! And to everyone who participated in my epiphany,
my journey home to myself, I am eternally grateful. Until we meet again...



Sincere gratitude for the Hosts, Richard and Mary, and the space they
have created for such special events.. and, for the spectacular people
and energies abundant at the event.. (you guys were right, i'm still
buzzing...).. although this was my first event, it will not be my
last.. heck, Mary's cooking is reason enough to return.. the bread
pudding still lingers in my realm of edible ecstasies.. Thanks to all
who attended and demonstrated why this is such a necessary message to
get out to the world.. "Make Love, not war"!!!

Be well,

Wow! What an amazing festival! We didn't know what to expect but we were both very pleased. We are so grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Moksha rite. Thanks to everyone responsible for this important work that you are sharing. Please keep it coming.

Awesome event!!! We learned a lot and met a bunch of great people. Thanks for allowing
us to be observers until the comfort level set in.


Admission prices include all workshops, entertainment, activities, rituals, and camping for all four days. Attendance will be limited so register early. Admission Prices

Help and answers to questions are always available.
Email to;
info@divineecstasy.org or call 813-748-0761.


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