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Tantric Love PMCD0181


Price: $12.95

Working closely with Tantra teachers popular composer Llewellyn has produced a recording that not only is sensually inspiring and relaxing to create the perfect environment for lovemaking but embraces the ancient spiritual approach to love and life.

By taking this path to inner transformation greater Love and ecstasy can be discovered.

Produced by Llewellyn

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"An amazing CD and highly recommended"
Eye Gazing LISTEN 
Our Sacred Room LISTEN 
Raising the Energy LISTEN 
Towards Stillness LISTEN 
Shiva and Shakti LISTEN 
Tantric Touch LISTEN 
Breathing LISTEN 
Heartwave LISTEN 
  Total Running Time : 51mins
Chronicles of Magick - LOVE MAGICK PMCD0124
Cassandra Eason


Price: $12.95

This is the first ever recorded magick course that will guide you through all you need to know to enrich your life with magick, reverse bad fortune and shape your own destiny in the way you want. Cassandra Eason, one of the worlds most experienced white witches, will guide you step by step in the safe, positive but powerful old ways of magical wisdom and share her secrets with you. Open your own innate magical abilities as people have done for thousands of years and enter a world where almost anything is possible.

Music composed & performed by Llewellyn

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  What is Love Magick?
The tools of Love Magick
Basic Love spells with flowers
A moon love spell
Seeing your future lover in the mirror
Knot Magick for making love grow
Spells for commitment & marriage
Spells for fidelity and enduring love in existing relationships
Two spells to kindle or restore passion
When things go wrong, reconciliation in Love
Bringing and keeping lasting love in your life
Love is for all of us




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