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The whole of our physical self is an object upon which our
consciousness operates. The body is a dense concentration of energy
manifested by our spirit in connection with the Universe. The senses,
intellect and physical form of the body can exist only in attunement
with our spirit.

At the core of every cell in the body is energy of infinite potential.
This same life force energy is present in all matter. As a drop of
water contains the same properties as the ocean a drop of
consciousness is one with the vast seas of universal consciousness.

The chakra balance in a Moksha Magic session is a good example of this
attunement of body and the consciousness of spirit. The energy of the
center's physical self flows into a timeless pool where it becomes
indistinguishable from the energy of the other participants in the
rite. This energy pool swells until it overflows into an ocean of
infinite consciousness. The intention of the rite is then absorbed
into the endless wisdom of the Universe. A divine unity that will
always work to benefit our higher self.


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