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In Search of the Divine

To have a human body is a great privilege. Through this human body we are capable of knowing profound light and the impassioned elevation of consciousness, the perfection of love.

Sexuality is the interaction of male and female energies in a dance of exquisite compliment. The reunion of the essence of gender is a joyous satisfaction. To join with another in open and receptive gladness, pure acceptance, and awestruck reverence.

Somewhere in the past, humanity connected a thought of doubt with our sexuality. We learned defeating concepts of shame and jealously replacing the innocence of our natural drive to touch and caress one another.

Ecstasy is the feeling of transcendence of the body. Unlimited by the perceived borders of the individuality we are capable of expanding our awareness into a greater sphere. It is a sensation of feeling and loving the body, together with what the body is a part of. At the very pinnacle of possibilities knowing love and beauty is the discovery that we are somehow connected to an endless splendor.

To reach for the Divine while we are in the body is the path of ecstasy.

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