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a time to nurture and celebrate the temple of your spirit

April 14-17, 2022    All World Acres  Tampa Bay, Florida

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Workshops and Activities  

The safety and comfort level of all practitioners is the most important aspect of Divine Ecstasy. These ideals are assured in all practices and will dictate all of the activities at the Body Magick festival. Everyone knows what is going to happen and how. This provides for a safe and relaxed environment that allows the attendees to focus on the activity. It's a simple formula: no worries = all good.

The workshops and activities at the Body Magick festival will be interactive. There will be nudity and activities of a sexual nature.

The Gates will open at 3pm on Thursday with the first workshop at 7pm.

There will be a busy schedule of events at the festival. Here are a few highlights from 2021. This year will be similar. More info on workshops and activities will be added as we get closer to the event.
Sacred Sexuality Main Ritual (see Wheel of Life below)
Practical Sex Magick workshop
Moksha Magic Rite (see below)
Body Painting (see below)
Kabbalistic Body Magick: Polarizing the Divine (see below)
Ochun’s Honey Pot  (see below)
Tantric Sexual Meditation  (see below)
Chakra Infusion (see below)
Body Healing Crystal Grid (see below)
Yoga with Partners (see below)
Massage, Sexuality and Sacred Touch
Singing Bowl Meditation

Village Council (see below) 

Wheel of Life
Journey through trance in a spiral of dance and drums. Each quarter appointed with an act of sacred sexuality focusing the elements of air, fire, water, earth in their role of celebrating the divine play of God and Goddess. Opening the spiral completing the creative process, we then release to the universe the energy generated in the celebration - as the pulsing heartbeat of new life offered in benefit for all - the gift of gratitude and acknowledgment of our greater good.

Experience the divine energy of the four elements as the male and female aspect of each connects in an ecstatic union within the drum circle.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

In keeping with the practice of all Divine Ecstasy events, visitors will be able to attend a pre-ritual workshop that will explain the entire rite. Visitors will have the option of sitting in the outer circle to observe this amazing ritual or they may become more involved with the energy by joining the circle as a dancer or drummer.

There will be three circles formed around the main fire.

The outer ring will be for the community and may include chairs or blankets (recommended) to sit on the ground. The drummers will be set up on one side of this circle.The middle ring will be for the dancers who will add to the energy by dancing and slowly spiraling around the fire. The dancers will have the option of being skyclad.

The inner ring will contain four couples of the Moksha Magic group. Each couple will represent an element and its corresponding direction. As each element is invoked the couple will begin a sacred dance of flirtation and courtship around the fire. With spirit guiding them each couple will eventually move to a stationary cardinal point in the circle. Here they will continue until they consummate the energy of the rite with a divine ecstatic union.

The intention and focus of the energy will benefit all of the community and will be discussed at the pre-ritual workshop.

Moksha Magic Rite
Visitors will learn about the history of the Moksha Magick group and the basic practices of the group. Moksha Magic members will then perform an actual rite that will include nudity and sexual activity. Visitors  will be able to quietly observe this beautiful practice. After the rite there will be a question and answer session and then each guest will be able to speak privately with a member of Moksha Magic. If the guest is comfortable with the practice they will have the option of participating in the next rites that will be performed later that evening.

This format has worked well in the past. It gives each visitor at the festival the ability to have their questions answered in a private comfortable way. Communication is the key.

Body Painting
This is always a fun and popular experience at Body Magick. It will take place on Saturday night before the main ritual. Share your creative talents with others or become a living canvas. It is also a time to help paint and decorate the sacred couples who will be participating in main ritual.

Kabbalistic Body Magick: Polarizing the Divine Masculine & Feminine
Learn to use the Kabbalistic Tree of Life to become aware of the divine masculine & feminine polarity within yourself and harness a powerful tool for doing magick.

Ochun’s Honey Pot
Ochun is the personification of the sweetness of life—flirting, New Relationship Energy, sexual joy, the feminine potency and abundance of nature. She is often depicted wearing a honey pot—her magickal tool to sweeten life and a reflection of feminine divine power. Honey is a living magickal substance and in this workshop we will explore the use of honey pots to sweeten any situation, including our sensual lives. Ochun and her honey pot teach us to flow and appreciate the abundance of nature and our sexual lives. We are the honey pots of Ochun!

Tantric Sexual Meditation
We will experience through breath and a meditative state of mind how to use your energy sexually. This may include body touching for yourself and self love. Clothing optional.

Chakra Infusion
Original writings on the Chakras speak of infusing the Gods within our being as augmentation to our lives. Together we’ll explore what Gods make sense to you and how to get them there working on your behalf.

Body Healing Crystal Grid Sean will perform an intuitive healing grid on the body using crystals and stones for specific purpose. This healing is intended to clear and activate each chakra.

Yoga with Partners
You can make the practice of yoga quality and fun time with your favorite person(s), even if you have no experience or never cared for Yoga. This form of yoga combines some traditional asanas and makes them more enjoyable to practice. This experience will allow you to connect with your partner and deepen your intimacy at the physical, mental and emotional level. It will encourage you to communicate with each other more effectively. It is a great time to stretch, breath, and move your body with your partner and have fun!

Village Council
The Village Council has become an important part of the Body Magick tradition. The counsel takes place on the last day of the event. A talking stick is passed around and each person is given the opportunity to discuss the event and what it has meant to them.

Admission prices include all workshops, entertainment, activities, rituals, and camping for all four days. Attendance will be limited so register early. Admission prices

Help and answers to questions are always available.
Email to; info@divineecstasy.org or call 813-748-0761.