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It is difficult to describe an attunement in a left-brain way. Normally we learn by taking new information and relating it to something we already know. An attunement is different from anything most of us have ever experienced in our present physical existence.

An attunement charges the individual with universal life-force energy while clearing the channels of any blockages. This alignment and clearing process stabilizes and improves the person’s ability to channel and affect the energy that is present in the all of the universe.

Attunements are most widely known by the practitioners of Reiki, an energy healing modality. Author Diane Stein in her book “Essential Reiki” describes an attunement as a miracle; “The attunement turns on the light in a darkened house, reconnecting capabilities once universal but now mostly lost . . . a major force in the evolution of the people of this planet. The attunements heal our broken DNA, reconnecting us to the ‘light’ of the information that has been lost to Earth’s people.”

The attunement process used with Divine Ecstasy takes the traditional Reiki method and combines it with a powerful focus on the embodiment of the individual. The intention of this embodiment is to strengthen the connection between the universe and the divine self and then manifesting this power in the physical self. This provides the individual with an unlimited wealth of personal power and healing abilities.

The Divine Ecstasy attunement is a beautiful sacred experience. The persons passing and receiving the attunement share the ritual with the loving bounty of the universe.

The focus and intention are always the same but the actual physical process varies with the individuals and the circumstances of time and distance. Working with the subtle energy bodies we are able to share the attunements even when the physical bodies are separated by great distances.

Whether in person or from a distance, the person receiving the attunement is forever transformed as they are awakened into a new improved way of being. Awareness will continually grow stronger as the person enjoys a profound, intimate, loving connection with the universe. An ecstatic union that further empowers the divine self.


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