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Moksha Magick
is a Florida based group that practices Divine Ecstasy


DreamQuest is a magical herbal blend that may be smoked or used as a tea.

Reiki Home Study Course
Low cost course includes distant attunement and certification.

Products that will help with your appreciation of Divine Ecstasy and will help support the Temple.



Divine Ecstasy

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Divine Ecstasy is a growing tradition that utilizes sex magick and sacred sexuality as useful tools for self empowerment and to improve oneís connection with the universe. This life affirming connection that enables everyone to be responsible for their own healing and well being.

Divine Ecstasy utilizes the knowledge of many ancient traditions in a practical modern approach. Recognizing the universe as the source of all that is, Divine Ecstasy allows for the individualís own personal connection with spirit.

Referred to by many names, the energy that is present in all things is the primary focus of the practice of Divine Ecstasy. Familiarity with this energy provides for an infinite amount of personal power. The enlightened acknowledgement of this power as a divine right is the ultimate purpose of Divine Ecstasy.

























































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Coming Events in 2019

Moksha Magick workshops

Body Magick festival
April 18-21, 2019


Reiki Classes
Reiki is an energy healing modality that is very easy to learn. It is useful in helping one appreciate our energy connection. This is so important to the practice of Divine Ecstasy. Classes are held in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Missouri. Other locations are added all of the time so please check website.

Workshops are always available to educate about and network Divine Ecstasy. There are established groups and new groups forming that are always interested in new members. Also, members are always interested in helping others form a new group in their area. 

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